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Tyler Grasham

Tyler Grasham was born in Stockton California.  He is an avid hiker who loves to hike Runyon Canyon and Temescal Canyon Park.   Two of Southern California's most popular hiking trails.

Our Story

Tyler is also a fan of cooking and can be found in the kitchen often working on healthy creations for his friends who share his love of food.

He currently resides in Los Angeles California.

We all are humans, so we all have traits which always link us close to our nature. A person only lives once and does everything in his power to make sure that his life is exactly as he planned it would be. People work for their dream lifestyle and make sure that they earn enough to stay comfortable forever. While working and education is highly important in a person’s life, it is extremely important for them to ensure that they are leading a healthy lifestyle as well. Money can give that person all the perks that they desire but their health is in their own hands. Many people often ignore this fact but a healthy lifestyle is more important than they think. While financial power is truly important so is health as nothing can be achieved without it.

A lot of people struggle in maintaining an active routine. They often try but relapse. This is because they often over-complicate the concept of leading a healthy lifestyle. Living healthy does not only mean that an individual needs to have expensive gym memberships, the best fitness trainer and a perfect nutritionist. It is just the little choices which make a big change and those little choices are not at all hard to make for anyone.

Why is it so important in the first place

No matter what field of life you look at, if a person is not healthy, they will not fully excel in it. As a doctor, as a mother, as an entrepreneur or as a student, the most important thing for a person is their health, according to Tyler Grasham. Everything requires a person’s most active self to be done seamlessly. One can see that if a person is not active and this is not even one of their priorities, they will lag behind in everything in their lives. They will prefer lying down on the sofa and watching TV instead of hanging out with their friends or for a walk in the park with their family. If they are working then an unhealthy and inactive individual will have performance issues. They will show less productivity which will be harmful to the futures of their jobs.

On the other hand, if one looks at an active person, they have an entirely different aura and perspective towards life. Such people are often loved at their jobs because they give their bodies enough attention that their bodies deliver the best. They make sure that they keep trying different forms of exercise just to get to rid of tension and stay fit and healthy. It is extremely important to note that a healthy and fit body leads to a healthy and fit brain so there is nothing one can fully achieve without actually living healthy and staying active.

So, what are these forms of exercises which will keep a person fit? Just remember that anyone can find them once they gain the will for it.


This recreational activity is one of the most wholesome and fulfilling ones. According to Tyler Grasham, the best part about this is that it can be done alongside some of your favorite people. Anything which is with a person’s friends or family automatically becomes much easier. The plus point about hiking is that it is an amazing exercise. It will require a person’s entire body to actually go through with it and the person does not even see it that way because it is so much fun. So the next time someone’s planning to go on a vacation, they should consider a place where they can hike so that their bodies can also gain from it.

Golf Courses and Resorts

Every tourist attraction has a golf course resort where their guests not only relax but also have an array of activities to do. If a person is choosing a more nature nurturing place to go then the best thing they can do is stay at one of these places. Always remember that staying close to nature promotes health. So whilst being close to nature they can do so many things such as play golf and go horse riding? Even a walk in such a beautiful place would be divine. This will be a step towards making sure that their bodies stay fit even when they are away from home when they also have more time on their hands to focus on it.

Finding “the one”

People often think that a healthy lifestyle is only for a particular group of people. That they focus on it so much because they are passionate about it. Well, the truth is that anyone can be passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle. All a person has to do is truly understand the importance of it. Start noticing the positive changes such as a boost in confidence or higher stamina for work, even better focus. Once they start seeing results, their passion never dies. This way everyone can find the one thing that they love to do which is also good for their bodies. This can be anything such as learning how to box, how to ride a horse or swim in the nearest pool with their friends. It can even be out of the norm such as dancing or gardening. All one has to do is find one activity which they love and also good for their bodies and make sure that they keep practicing it,

Bottom Line

Every individual leads a highly stressful life. This can be so overwhelming sometimes that it can actually start to hinder a person’s daily routine. Always remember that throughout this time, a person cannot forget about themselves. It is important for everyone to keep themselves as a top priority. If that is not the case, they can actually be hindering themselves from gaining their own well-being. All of these factors combined show how essential it is to lead a healthy and active life. Once their health is top-notch, everything falls in place much easier.