How To Prepare For A Hiking Trip

Hiking is fun, hiking is thrilling. Hiking is adventurous, but hiking can turn out to be very risky. So should you miss out on the many pleasures of hiking because of its dangers? The answer is no. What you should do instead is make adequate preparation when going on a hiking trip, and by so doing, you will up the goods of hiking and reduce the dangers to the barest minimum.

Choose Your Trail And Research It

If you’re going on a hike, you should have a good idea of what’s in store for you. Choose where you’re going to hike and make sure it is accessible and risk-free. Where you are going to hike and the length of your hike should be according to your physical ability so you don’t end up going on a trip that is too tasking for you. Try to find out as much as you can on where you’re hiking so you know enough about where you’re going and what to expect.

Make Sure You Are Fit For The Trip

If you are not fit for the trip, do not think of the trip. Hiking is a challenging sport, and as such, you should be physically prepared when going for a hike. Make sure your all-round fitness level is high enough, do exercises, Yoga might even help to up your fitness.

Carry A Friend Along

Hiking alone may have its own advantages but it is highly recommended that you hike with a friend or more. You have that friend that makes a very interesting company, or that friend that never stops talking about hiking, take them with you. However too large hiking groups are not advisable, but a small company of friends is good to go. You may never know what would happen along the way, a helping hand might be very helpful.

Tell Someone About Your Hike

Someone at home should know about your whereabouts when you go for a hike. Leave information behind about where you’re going, when you leave and what time you’re supposed to get back. Also, make sure you notify the person when you get back from the hike. This ensures that if any unforeseen event happens, the person would know what to do and how to get help.

Dress For The Occasion

Go for a hike, but while you’re at it, wear clothes that will not be a drawback. Wear clothes with textures that are comfortable on the skin, with lightweight boots that are fitting and at the same time have space for the toes to move around. Rub sunscreen too.

Pack The Right Gear

Hiking is aided by some equipment and it is paramount that you carry them along when going on a trip. A cellphone, whistle, compass, map, insect repellents, flashlight, raincoat, and a fire starter are some of the things you should have invited your backpack when going for a hike. But at the same time, do not pack like you’re traveling overseas.

Pack Light Food And Plenty Of Water

You’re sure to get thirsty when going on a hiking trip. So make sure you carry enough liters of water with you, depending on how long your trip is. You should also make sure you are well hydrated before going on a trip. The food you should pack should be very nutritious, but light as well. This will ensure that you get enough energy you need for the trip and don’t get weighed down as a result of heavy food.

Carry A First Aid Kit

A stitch in time saves nine. There might be mishaps during a hike. Having a first aid kit with proper medicine and equipment inside would have take charge of such situations before they get out of hand. Bruises, cuts or some other form of hurt might occur so you have to be prepared to switch to nurse mode and handle it properly.

Know When To Stop

Four hundred meters to the end of your trip, you run out of water, you’re badly hurt or it’s dark, turn around and go home. Yes, you’re very close to the end of the trip, but you are even closer to getting into avoidable danger. Turn off your competitive spirit and stop the hike. You will live to hike another day.

These tips are golden and if you adhere to them, you would certainly have your best hike trip yet. Happy hiking! – Tyler Grasham